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Power and Refinement for the 900 ACE Turbo Series

If there’s one engine in the Ski-Doo lineup that’s currently very popular with snowmobilers, it’s undoubtedly the 900 ACE Turbo. There are many reasons for this. This engine is mighty, smooth, produces excellent torque at all speeds and is reasonable on fuel consumption. A worthy replacement for the venerable 1200 4-TEC, the 900 ACE Turbo has been the benchmark for 4-stroke engine performance at BRP for three seasons now. So how do you make an engine that is so popular with snowmobilers even better? It is the mission that the Ski-Doo team has set itself for 2022 with the introduction of two new versions of the 900 ACE Turbo range, which now replace the current 150 HP version.

900 ACE Turbo R

One of the significant innovations at Ski-Doo for 2022 is the introduction of a new, more powerful version of the 900 ACE Turbo, but this time in an “R” version. This new unit produces an impressive 180 HP, which is 30 HP or 20% more. This technological prowess is made possible, in particular by the addition of larger gasoline injectors. Intake plenum pressure is also higher than its predecessor, up to 17.4 psi at full throttle. Ski-Doo engineers have also refined the entire air intake system as well as the exhaust system. To properly transfer all this power and extend belt life, new engine mounts have also been designed. The pDrive pulley has also been modified to transfer all the extra power. The 900 ACE Turbo R also has a distinctive sound and performance to give an exceptional character to this engine.

Power and Refinement for the 900 ACE Turbo Series - Ski-Doo - Snowmobile
The new 900 ACE Turbo R Engine Produces 180 HP of Power

In the previous version, one of the main criticisms was the sensitivity of the iTC intelligent throttle. In Sport mode the throttle was particularly sensitive, in addition to a slight variation in speed when the snowmobile was travelling over bumps caused by the movement of the driver’s thumb on the throttle. That’s one of the reasons why our rides were done in “Standard” mode, because it’s much more predictable as a response without loss of power. With the introduction of the 900 ACE Turbo R, Ski-Doo engineers have further improved the intelligent throttle. Snowmobiles fitted with this engine will be equipped with a traditional cable throttle, as found on an E-TEC snowmobile. However, this cable is attached to a new electronic sensor offering an optimized response, especially for performance enthusiasts. This new acceleration has the three available modes of operation: “ECO,” “Standard,” and “Sport.”

The new 900 ACE Turbo R engine is offered in a wide range of Ski-Doo snowmobiles with expanded design REV GEN4 chassis, including the all-new MACH Z 2022. The front grid has been modified for better airflow for these models while adopting a brand new distinctive performance design. 

Power and Refinement for the 900 ACE Turbo Series - Ski-Doo - Snowmobile
The MACH Z 2022 is Ski-Doo’s ultimate performance snowmobile with 4-stroke engines.

130 HP 900 ACE Turbo

With the ramp-up of the 900 ACE Turbo with the “R” version, the gap with the 95 HP non-turbo version is far too great. So it’s with great enthusiasm that the industry welcomes a brand new engine, a 900 ACE Turbo with 130 HP. This engine has the advantage of not needing an air cooler, commonly known as an intercooler. This is achieved by reducing the operating pressure in the air intake. The weight of the snowmobile is thus reduced by 5 pounds, which is significant. According to comments received, this engine is as pleasant to drive as a turbo engine but with similar efficiency to a naturally aspirated version. This engine will really be very efficient and a great value for snowmobilers looking for optimal fuel consumption without significant power loss. According to BRP, the difference in consumption between the 130 HP and 95 HP versions is insignificant, which will be an important argument for many buyers.

The new version of the 130 HP 900 ACE Turbo is equipped with an intelligent iTC throttle with three operating modes. For 2022 the intelligent throttle has been recalibrated, and its operation has been significantly improved compared to the previous version. 

Power and Refinement for the 900 ACE Turbo Series - Ski-Doo - Snowmobile
The 900 ACE Turbo 130 HP is the ideal balance between performance and efficiency.

For us, it’s obvious that Ski-Doo has just hit a major milestone with this version of the engine for two main reasons. The first is that the 130 HP version is the direct power replacement for the venerable 1200 4-TEC discussed earlier. There are many snowmobiles on the trails with this type of engine, and most users love it. With similar power but with a more efficient and technologically advanced engine, the switch to the 900 ACE Turbo 130 HP will be a logical choice for a future purchase. 130 HP is a really interesting power level for most long-distance and touring snowmobilers. The second reason is really the acquisition cost of the vehicle versus the overall performance obtained. It is evident that this engine is an excellent choice in the long term, especially for those who drive several thousand km per season. This engine will be available for 2022 in the Renegade Adrenaline, Renegade Enduro and Grand Touring model ranges.

Power and Refinement for the 900 ACE Turbo Series - Ski-Doo - Snowmobile
The Renegade Enduro is available in all 900 ACE engine configurations.

With the introduction of these two new engines, Ski-Doo once again asserts its leadership position in the industry. It is awe-inspiring to see that with the 900 ACE platform, in 3 distinct versions, Ski-Doo can satisfy the most demanding snowmobilers in terms of performance and those who are looking for the ideal balance in terms of power, fuel consumption, efficiency and ease of use. 

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