Polaris SKS 146 – Mid-season review

Polaris SKS 146 – Mid-season review

The early winter was very welcome by the SledMagazine.com team as we all looked forward to the test of the Polaris SKS 146 2018. This new model went a little under the radar after the announcement of the Titan last spring.

But that doesn't make the SKS less interesting, especially for a rider like me!

When you look at the specifications of the SKS 146, you can see right away that Polaris wanted to offer a versatile and fun snowmobile, whether it’s to go on the trail or off the trail. Even if it's a little personal to define, I consider it to be a "70-30" snowmobile.

Snowmobile Polaris SKS 146 - First impressions

Already halfway through the season with the Polaris SKS 146 2018.

Despite the fact that this snowmobile is mostly designed to ride off trail, I was surprised to find several accessories really useful. First of all, the electric starter is undoubtedly a plus, especially after a very physical day.

Complete instrumentation of the Axys models is also on the handlebars. You don't have to look for the commands of the heated handles, they're easy to reach! To complete the dashboard, nothing less than the Polaris digital gauge with Bluetooth, GPS, and several useful information. 

Storage areas

On the SKS, there are two main storage spaces: one behind the dashboard and another under the bench. For a pilot like me, that's enough storage for my type of ride! For those who want more, please consult the Polaris accessories catalog.

Snowmobile Polaris SKS 146 - First impressions

Storage space under the seat

On the trails

I confess that I didn't set my standards too high for the Polaris SKS 146's trail behavior. Indeed, 2.4 " studs and the Gripper skis can be intimidating. Fortunately, this is a different story in reality. The Axys chassis allows the snowmobile to remain stable even in curves. On the other hand, during tighter turns, you may feel a bit of ski-lift.  

Obviously, when the trails are hard, the track tends to make more noises. But it's not that bad. I am still pleasantly surprised by the handling of the SKS 146. It is a nervous, comfortable and very fun snowmobile, especially with the 800cc engine that offers excellent revivals. It really absorbs bumps, which is really great.

Off trail

If you read this article diagonally, I'm sure your eyes stopped here! Does the SKS 146 manage in deep snow? That's the question we all asked ourselves at the beginning of the season. After a few months of testing, I'm happy to say that I'm more than satisfied with the results of my off trail rides so far. I end up repeating myself, but the Axys chassis does an exceptional job once more. The snowmobile is very rigid, which allows me to do my maneuvers with ease and precision. In large snow holes, 146 "of caterpillar can become a handicap. In the vast majority of situations, however, the SKS 146 will follow other mountain snowmobiles without difficulty, thanks to its 2.4 "studs and its 800cc Cleanfire engine.

Snowmobile Polaris SKS 146 - First impressions

Whether it's in side-hill or carving, I can do my maneuvers with confidence and ease.

Snowmobile Polaris SKS 146 - First impressions


If I had to define the Polaris SKS 146 2018 in one word, it would be "Versatility". It's possible to move from the trail to deep snow in a very fluid way, just adjust the Walker Evans suspensions as needed. In my case, five clicks are enough! The SKS is a nervous machine that will always ask for more.

Snowmobile Polaris SKS 146 - First impressions

Gripper skis are one of the reasons for the success of the SKS on and off the trail.

It is with great enthusiasm that I look forward to seeing you for my next article on the Polaris SKS 146 2018. I also invite you to follow us on Instagram throughout the season. The Magazine team would also like to thank Polaris Industries for making this test possible.

Snowmobile Polaris SKS 146 - First impressions


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