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Polaris, for 2020 There Is Plenty

Polaris, for 2020 There Is Plenty

I recently had the opportunity to share a weekend adventure with another “also sworn to embargo secrecy” media member. This media friend had also received the 2020 Polaris media kit and to my surprise seemed relatively unimpressed by the information revealed. My response to his less than enthusiastic reaction was an emphatic………….”Au contraire mon frère !”

For 2020, I see refinements and expansions that are based on the significant exceptional advancements and successes of the Polaris line of snowmobiles over the past five years, and we should all be very excited.

While other OEM are reducing and withdrawing models, Polaris has chosen to move forward in offering its customers “both new and old” a wider range of models and packages to specifically match our needs and wants.

In this short intro, rather than creating a duplication of what now can easily be found and seen at Polaris.com, I choose to recap the overall Polaris focus and energy for 2020.

In 2019 Polaris presented one of the most successful and complete line ups in the snowmobile industry. We had a more complete Indy line with the introduction of the 129 XC models and PRO-CC suspension, the proven and ongoing performance of everything AXYS, new beginnings with EVO, the game-changing strengths of the Titan models and the launch of Patriot 850 power. 

With a lineup that strong and diverse, there was certainly no need for a reincarnation of current successes or any radical new introductions or direction.

When you are at the top of your game, there is nothing wrong with refining and building on current successes. That is Polaris 2020.

I can sum up my thoughts about Polaris 2020 in just a few words, EXCITING EXPANSIONS!  

Expansion of the Indy XC full tunnel, PRO-CC rear suspension line up

For 2020 in addition to a 129” PRO-CC you can have everything Indy XC in a PRO-CC 137” length, you can also have this new 137 Indy in the Adventure trim package.

2020 Indy XC 137

Expansion of race-ready XCR performance, calibration, and reinforcement

For 2020 you can now have an Indy XCR with the coupled PRO-CC rear suspension in 129" track lengths.

2020 Indy XCR 129

These significant additions for 2020 really celebrate the 40th anniversary of Indy and complete the total capability return of a full Indy line. From the entry-level EVO 550 to the XCR 850s and many many models between, the return of Indy is complete. Happy Birthday!

Expansion of the Adventure series of Polaris’ across a wider range of models

The Adventure package has proven to be a huge success with touring, and cargo focused snowmobilers, and you can now enjoy its comfort and storage capabilities from Indy 550 to Titan 800.

The 2020 Indy 850 Adventure 137, shown in 40th Anniversary edition colors

Expansion of RMK

In the modern era of our sport, the EVO 550 has successfully reinvented the entry-level snowmobile. For 2020 everything inviting and user-friendly about the EVO model has been introduced to the dominating world of RMK. Entry level mountain riding to a whole new group of users, what a concept!

2020 RMK EVO

The new 155 RMK KHAOS model brings a radical look and flair and is promoted as being “THE most agile, all-mountain sled” Polaris has ever offered.

The 2020 RMK 155 KHAOS

Expansion of Snow Check Select

For 2020, the snowmobiling worlds most custom and personalized pre-season order opportunity returns with even more options. Polaris’ 2020 Snow Check Select program offers even more color and track options for both trail and mountain sleds. Once again, Snow Check Select will be your only chance to have 850 Patriot power. For 2020 get a new Polaris made very exclusively, just for you!

For 2020, I see refinements and expansion that are based on the significant and exceptional advancements and successes of the Polaris line of snowmobiles over the past five years, and we should all be very excited.

Our 2020 Snow Shoot team has just returned from West Yellowstone Montana. Stay connected to SledMagazine.com for their “seat of the pants” impressions and observations.


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