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Polaris 2018 review 

In 2018 it is impossible to ignore the new Titan, a utility and hybrid snowmobile. It made people talk and it’s not over. The 800 SKS 146 and the 600/800 Switchback XCR are also new this year. So now is the presentation of the 2018 models.  

Motoneiges Polaris 2018


Let’s start with Polaris major innovation this year: The Titan. Polaris describes it as an extreme crossover, this snowmobile has as many skills in trails than in backcountry trails. With its impressive towing potential of 1200 pounds, you can use it as a utility snowmobile. 

The Titan is equipped with the 2 strokes engine 800cc Cleanfire H.O. which has been improved with a better cooling system to face the worst conditions. It also has a new transmission and to add up it has a huge track of 155 inches by 20 inches wide articulated at back to face as much snow as you want. 

The Titan is offered in 3 version: SP, XC and Adventure. For a good price, you can go with the SP which is the basic version. Then you have the XC, it’s the sportiest one with an aggressive track and the excellent FOX QS3 suspensions. The Adventure model will seduce you with its multiple accessories like the FOX QS3 suspension, a big windshield, a passenger seat, a really effective GPS and even more! 

Motoneiges Polaris 2018

As if it was not enough, you can choose from an incredible list of options and accessories to create the perfect Titan for you. Most of them are created to fit in the ingenious Lock & Ride fixation system. So in a few seconds, you can attach all the accessories you need for your getaway. 

With their distinguishing feature, the 3 versions are made for different needs, it is certain that this snowmobile will become an essential in the snowmobile industry. 

Motoneiges Polaris 2018


The Switchback models, categorized in the popular and dynamic family of hybrid, are now having the biggest market expansion. With their many configuration options, you can find the one for you.   

All the Switchback are made with the excellent AXYS platform which is known for its rigidity and lightness. Then you can choose from the 600cc or 800cc engine. You can also choose from a track of 137 inches and the Pro-XC back suspension or a track of 144 inches and the IGX back suspension to complete your snowmobile. Good for any situation. 

Motoneiges Polaris 2018

Something is new with the Switchback XCR this year, the race elements. You get special valve inside the suspension for a better calibration, special A-arms, competition brakes and more. With those judicious supplementary options, the snowmobile reacts faster and allow an increased driving standard.

Motoneiges Polaris 2018


Mountain snowmobile has an important place in the market, like the RMK and the SKS. They don’t need presentation anymore and their qualities are no longer to prove. 

The RMK and the SKS have the AXYs platform which provides a lot of rigidity and lightness so you can float on snow as soon as you go. There are many configurations possible with de 2 strokes engine of 600cc or 800cc and you can choose from 144 inches to 174 inches track. You will certainly find the right mountain snowmobile for you! 

Motoneiges Polaris 2018

In 2018 the introduction of the 800 SKS 146 has already been made. This snowmobile has been made to provide you all the liberty you need to go in deep snow and all the skills you need to be confident in the trails. What more can you ask? 

Motoneiges Polaris 2018


Not changed this year the RUSH family came back. Essentially for trails with great performances, they are built on the AXYS platform which provides an extraordinary balance.

To offer such skills, this snowmobile is offered with the 2 strokes engine of 600cc or 800cc available with the 120 or 121 inches tracks and also the adjustable Walker Evans suspension. Is it also possible to add the XCR variation, they are real race machine with lots of improvements, particularly on suspensions and brakes. Finally, lots of accessories are available to build the snowmobile of your dream. 

Motoneiges Polaris 2018


In 2018 for the INDY family, there’s nothing new. Build on the Pro-Ride track, they are great snowmobiles, but they're not performance beast. However, is a great price-quality ratio.

You can choose between 2 engines, the 2 strokes 600cc Cleanfire or the 550cc air cooled. For the track, the choices are the 121, 144 or 155 inches. 

Motoneiges Polaris 2018

During the Snow Shoot, we had a lot of fun driving the little Indy 600 SP. Despite its old look and a more classic drive (lower), driving this snowmobile makes you nostalgic.

Motoneiges Polaris 2018


Last but not least, the Voyageur 600 and 500. No changes have been made this year, but it’s the same formula which is really good and results in great snowmobiles, versatile, efficient and at a competitive price.

You can choose between two engine, the  600cc Cleanfire and the 550cc air cooled. The track choices are 144 inches or 155 inches, you can enjoy the good fit to explore deep snow trails or regular trails.

They offer more conservative performance, but you’ll still have lots of pleasure driving them and enjoying their versatility. 

Motoneiges Polaris 2018


Once again this season, Polaris offers a complete range of snowmobile for all the different needs. So will you change your snowmobile for a Polaris this season? 

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