Mission COMPLETE – CKX Mission Helmet Review

I say Mission Complete for two reasons:

1) My impressions of the CKX Mission helmet are now based on my experiences throughout a complete season;  

2) Because my trial of the CKX Mission helmet was conducted across a suitably wide range of conditions and temperatures.

Mission Complete - CKX Mission Helmet Review - Snowmobile - Snowmobiler

You can read my initial thoughts in our “Mission Accepted” article.

Some new helmet models end up being a lot of 1st year hype. Shortcomings or problems are addressed in subsequent years or versions. It’s like U and I, R the R and D, which IMO is BS.

The price point of the Mission seems a little steep, as does the price point of every other worthwhile piece of high-end snowmobile specific gear and apparel. It’s just the way it is, but I still like bitchin’ about the cost of our sport. If it works, that is one thing; if it doesn’t work, that’s another whole thing.

My Observations and Opinions

In cold weather, it was well sealed to extreme temperatures and wind. Quiet and warm.

In warm weather, ventilation options were effective and easy to operate.

My test model was equipped with the electric shield option. However, I evaluated this helmet’s capabilities without being plugged as if it did not have this capability.

Mission Complete - CKX Mission Helmet Review - Snowmobile - Snowmobiler

There was one circumstance when I used the heated shield feature, and it was effective and greatly appreciated. The difficult and dreaded condition of freezing precipitation on the outside of the shield is always the most challenging for snowmobilers. The heated visor option kept the freezing mist loose enough to be more easily wiped off. The high-quality power cord connections stayed securely plugged in, and the green power indicator light could easily be seen in my mirror.

The only time I experienced any internal fogging with my Mission was during times of very slow movement. This is due to the Missions AMS design, using air movement to evacuate internal moisture levels. Too slow, stopped or digging out a buddy with your shield down, and you will begin to see fog developing; open the shield momentarily or resuming movement dissipates the fog almost immediately.

The Mission is stylish with a wind resisting aerodynamic design. At increased speeds, I didn’t feel it lifting or pushing my head up or down. I opted to remove the easily removable visor deflector for a more traditional look.

One of the reasons I prefer a shield design helmet is for greater field of vision. The Mission not only offered a wide field of vision, but it is also most importantly offered a distortion-free, optically correct wide field of vision.

Mission Complete - CKX Mission Helmet Review - Snowmobile - Snowmobiler

I also felt more safety confident with the solid chin structure design of the Mission versus the hinged plastic pieces of most other modular designs. The positive close visor lets you know that it is properly sealed with a “click” confirmation. The included sun shield provided me with trouble-free glove operation with the easy to find side located operation lever. I found that the Mission ratchet connection chin strap was easy to locate and secure every time.

Personally, I seem to have trouble with the magnetic type chin strap design. I know the commercials make it look simple, and when it’s off my head, the strap latches do magically find themselves and connect every time. But when I’m all tucked in and zipped up and trying to get the chin strap to be tight, I struggle more than a little.

With the Mission’s ratchet chin strap, I find the tab to be easy to connect and very easy to adjust to my preferred tightness.

Mission Complete - CKX Mission Helmet Review - Snowmobile - Snowmobiler

Here is another small but notable Mission bonus. Most modular type helmets leave the chin curtain hanging in your face when in the open position. The bigger the curtain, the more that hangs in your face. Bad for trailside visiting and definitely bad for open face photos.

No matter what new helmet model or style I have had the opportunity to trial over the past 6 years, I always kept my favorite “go-to” model at the ready. For the coldest of rides or whenever I needed to be absolutely sure that my helmet was going to do everything that I could possibly need it to do, that’s the helmet I would choose.

I can now say that the CKX Mission is my new “go-to helmet for all conditions.

The MISSION is now COMPLETE for me.

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