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Long-term test of CHOKO 2018 products – Part 2

Long-term test of CHOKO 2018 products – Part 2

Hello, snowmobilers. Here are the rest of the items I will have the chance to try: helmet, electric shield, balaclava, gloves, toque, and cap. You can read my other article about the other products that I tested. (Read…) Now let’s talk about each of them. 

Modular helmet 

Long-term test of CHOKO 2018 products - Part 2 snowmobile

The chin strap is easy to open even with gloves thanks to the button located under the chin, a little pressure and that’s it. The sun visor is easily accessible from the left side of the helmet. The cheek pads are of two different thicknesses, supplied with the helmet, for a better fit and maximum comfort. If you want a communication system, the speakers are in the shell, which makes the installation easier. The chin deflector is removable and adjustable with a Velcro on the side of the cheek pads and a button in the mobile part of the chin strap. The fit of the helmet is important to be comfortable and safe.                 

Electric Shield

You can have the electric shield as an option on this helmet. It is not very difficult to change, just lift the shield and you will see the locks. Take the old one out and put the new one in, then connect it to the snowmobile. It is very useful during rides on sunny days, cloudy days and during night time to define the bumps on the trail. We are now ready to try our new helmet.

Balaclava Frost Guard

Long-term test of CHOKO 2018 products - Part 2 snowmobile

It is wind and waterproof. The polyester mesh and microfleece are very effective, it cuts the wind between the helmet, neck, and collar for more comfort. The top part of the head is made of polyester fleece. This frost guard balaclava is product number 28129800 available in black. The size varies depending on the size of your helmet. It covers the face very well and only the eye area is not covered. For your breath, there is a small net that allows the evacuation.                            

Mountain gloves

Long-term test of CHOKO 2018 products - Part 2

This product is made of leather/nylon with insulation. The inside of the hand is leather. The rough PU reinforced patches are located at two places, inside the hand, and on the thumb for a better grip on the handlebar. The top of the hand is made of stretchable nylon, there are protections on the joints and also above the hand. The wrist is made of neoprene and is adjustable for more protection against snow and wind. The warmth is guaranteed by the Hipora membrane and the Thinsulate 100 g insulation. I usually take Small size, the gloves that I have are Medium size and they are a little tight. 

Choko Toque 

Long-term test of CHOKO 2018 products - Part 2 snowmobile

It is very useful, it is small and fits well in your coat pocket. I wear it before leaving and when I’m back from a ride of snowmobile, ATV or side-by-side. The toque keeps the head and ears warm. If you have a breakage or a buddy who accidentally went off the trail, you don't have to keep your helmet to deal with the problem or remove the snowmobile from its unfortunate position. As it may take some time to repair or help your friend, you won't get cold!


Long-term test of CHOKO 2018 products - Part 2 snowmobile

The cap is a beautiful product to show people that you really like CHOKO. It is ideal to wear at the snowmobile club and restaurant after your snowmobile, ATV or side-by-side ride. 

A big thanks to CHOKO for their trust in the test of all these high-quality products. I'll be back very soon for the final report.       


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