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This season, I had the chance to receive CKX snowmobile clothing from Kimpex to try it out.  As you know, weather conditions have been up and down this season, from extreme cold, to milder weather and rain.

So, I ran my test under all these good and bad conditions.  Usually, we do not experience such weather fluctuations in the same week but this winter, with my usual « luck », I have been blessed.  I have been able to see the performances of my CKX suit in all conditions.

The look

The CKX snowmobile suit

The ensemble is nice looking.  The sporty style and the pant design make the clothes look rugged enough to face our harsh winter conditions.


Inner jacket

The first quality fabric is very strong.  Taped seams attach the different parts of the garment. The jacket allows you to face extreme cold.  Even under -45 oC with wind chill factor, as I was wearing a warm underwear, I did not feel the cold.

Practical issue


The jacket offers 2 lined pockets on side with openings from above and from the side, in which you can put personal objects.  On the sleeve and at chest level, small pockets can receive tiny things.  There are also pockets on the pant for your wallet and larger objects.  Overall, this suit is obviously equipped with enough storage room to bring many items during your rides.


Seat area and knee

Snowmobilers firstly seek for comfort in their gear.  The seat area, knee and inside leg all with fleece inside are reinforced with Cordura outside for more strenght.  This way, the pant is more robust and most of all, warmer.

Removable collar


It is amazing how easily you can remove the collar.  One morning, at -45 oC, I felt cold at the neck; so I put on this perfectly sized collar to block the cold. Designers took very good care of this piece of equipment.  But under usual temperature, the collar blocks the cold without the additional piece.


The windproof and waterproof zippers are covered by a flap.

Bottom of pant

Like other pants, the lower part is made of nylon to stop cold air infiltration from the bottom.  It is nicely adapted to this style of pant.

Moisture evacuation

Breathable jacket

I really liked the jacket for a particular reason : unlike most of the manufacturers, there is a pit zip venting that let you have an access inside the jacket to evacuate moisture or, in milder temperature, to make the jacket less hermetic and cooler inside.


Overall, the pant is very well crafted and nice looking.  You can remove the suspenders if you want.  It is like a pant at the waist plus pieces of velcro that let you adjust the waist to your convenience.  Finally, reflective band and piping at bottom of pant make you more visible.


The jacket is equipped with velcro bands at the wrists to block cold infiltration and with reflective band and piping at front and back to make you more visible at night.  The bottom at back ends in a tapered shape to stop cold infiltration from the back.  The jacket gives you quite a style. The first quality design of the complete suit, all its characteristics and its price, in the average range of the market, make it a great quality snowmobile apparel that will surely be appreciated by snowmobilers.

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