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It Won’t Be Long. Let’s Take a Ride Inside Your Helmet!


Are you sitting down? Comfortable? OK, let’s take a ride!


It is well below freezing on a crystal-clear star-lit night.

You are on one of your favorite trails in the middle of the woods.

The first rider on miles and miles of fresh untouched, trail perfection.

The peaceful feeling of being alone in the world is yours.

When you squeeze the throttle, the acceleration is effortless and immediate.

Your heart rate rises in harmony with the RPMs of the engine.

The moonlit snow shines like diamonds as you pass phantom like figures of snow covered pines.

You and your snowmobile become one in performance and perfect throttle control.

Long sweeping turns, tight sharp turns they all belong to you. 

The sound of the wind rises and falls with each straightaway and turn.

The world around you slows as you carve each turn with precision, confidence and control.

The smile and satisfaction inside your helmet grow.

You decide to enjoy another moment to the fullest as you let your sled gently glide to a stop.

All becomes silent and you are surrounded by the unmatched beauty of the winter wonderland.

As you get off your sled, the snow creaks beneath your boots as you take a few steps away.

You look back admire how the moon perfectly highlights your snowmobile and surroundings.

You hope that the memory of this ride and moment will be with you always.

The crisp air fills your senses and you are fulfilled and satisfied by a sport like no other.


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