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Gravity-defying snowmobiles back at Snodeo

The RAVE X Outer Limits Sledstyle Tour is back at the Rangeley Snodeo Saturday, Jan. 22, in the parking lot of Boss Power Equipment, beginning at 2 p.m.

This high octane, adrenaline pumping freestyle snowmobile show is back for the third year featuring gravity-defying jumps and tricks.

The Rave X team is excited to come back to town. "We are super stoked to be back in Maine doing another show for the Rangeley faithful," said Ralph Gallagher, co-owner of the RAVE X retail store and freestyle exhibitions. "This is our only demo you will ever see in a gas station parking lot, but it is a blast!"
A scene from last winter’s Snodeo. You can expect the gap between the jump and landing to be about 10 feet wider this year, according to Ralph Gallagher of RAVE X.

Gallagher and his crew love the crowd at Snodeo. "The Snodeo crowd always rocks, and lets us know they are pumped! The more pumped the crowd is, the more fun the riders have and the better show they throw down."

The audience can expect to see the RAVE X team perform some high-flying jumps and tricks as usual. Team rider Eric St. John is the backflipper. St. John, 26, is the first rider from New England to complete a backflip from ramp to landing.

Other riders representing the Rave X Outer Limits Sledstyle team at Snodeo include: Gallagher, 31, who is from Poland, Maine; Brandon Bell, 24, from New Gloucester, Maine; Seth Bell, 22, from Waterford, Maine; Joe McLafferty, 16, from Turner, Maine; Travis Philpot, 27, from Windham, Maine; and Fred Rassmusen, 25, from Michigan.

The setup will be similar to last year, with a 10-foot jump and a large snowy landing. This year the landing area is longer so Gallagher said they hope to increase the gap they are jumping from 55 feet (last year) to 65 feet, which is what they usually do on the tour.

The ramp they use is 10 feet tall and called a Super Kicker. It is the same ramp design used at the ESPN X Games and was designed by SCS Racing.

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