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Give snowmobiling a chance in Whitehall

We are asking our fellow voters in the City of Whitehall to please consider lifting the almost 40-year ban on snowmobiling in the city limits. Please let snowmobile enthusiasts and local merchants dispel the stereotype and old images some residents have of our outdoor recreation. Our machines are comparable or even environmentally cleaner than the cars we drive and quieter than most motorcycles.

Our goal as snowmobilers is not to do hot laps around city blocks. Snowmobilers like designated trails and open spaces and work diligently to preserve these areas that we all enjoy whether you are a hiker, biker, skier or rider. What we do need is reasonable (regulated) access to the trail, restaurants, convenience stores, lodging and retail shops.

With the low speed limits and limited hours of operation allowed and the normally short season, most residents won’t know there has been a change. The winter is a very slow time and many businesses struggle. This would give a welcome dose of commerce to our local business owners and their employees who live in our city.

Please give it a chance!

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