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FX Nytro XTX 2009 Summury report

In 2008, Yamaha modified the snowmobile used by its Snocross team and presented an all-new line of models under the denomination of FX Nytro.  This new model family has promptly interested the snowmobilers mostly because of the spirited engine and the new FX chassis.

For 2009, the Japanese manufacturer added to the FX Nytro fleet, a high performance hybrid model, the FX Nytro XTX.  This variant of the FX chassis along with the Genesis 130 engine performances appeared to us as an interesting combination for this category of sled.  So it is with pleasure that our team agreed to run long-term trials on the FX Nytro XTX during the 2008-2009 season.

As above mentioned, the Nytro XTX is a hybrid model which means that it is made for trail rides as well as off-trail rides.  It uses a 15 X 144 X 1.25 inch Rip Saw track that offers a remarkable grip.  This allows powerful…


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