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Final Report on Baffin Products

Hello, fellow-snowmobilers !  

I am happy to present my final report on the Baffin products I tested last season : the Eiger Polar boots and the Thermal Base Layer Top and Pants for men.


The Eiger boots kept my feet warm all season long under any temperature from -35 °C to +10 °C, with consistent result : warm at very cold temperature, not warmer at milder temperature. It is easy to understand why; I dress outdoors, my clothes and boots are cold so no sweat, no moisture, no heat loss.  

snowmobilers - Baffin Products

I wear my boots barefeet; my feet are warm and the liners are cold. So, my feet warm up the liners that keep me from cold or heat depending on weather conditions. This is why Baffin boots are so popular among winter sports fans. I am very satisfied with the Eiger boots I had the opportunity to test.  

snowmobilers - Baffin Products Base Layer Top and Pants

I tested the Thermal Base Layer Top and Base Layer Pants, from Baffin. Thanks to their breathability, sweat is evacuated to keep us dry and warm all winter.

snowmobilers - Baffin Products

Later on, I tested them in summer and I noticed that heat (sweat) was evacuated to keep me fresh and more comfortable on warmer summer days. I was very surprised to feel fresh when it was really hot outside, because my body usually does not tolerate hot weather. So, if you meet me wearing the Base Layer apparel in summer, don’t worry; they really keep me fresh. I truly appreciated Baffin Base 

snowmobilers - Baffin Products

Layer Top and Pants.

Special thanks to Baffin manufacturer and Mrs Sophie Marini for the opportunity given to me to test their great products.  I strongly recommend them to keep you warm and dry.


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