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Expert proposes snowmobile routes

Todd Mangold, trail coordinator for the Snow Pioneer snowmobile club in Delaware County, presented a proposed snowmobile route for the coming winter season to the Delaware County Board of Supervisors on Nov. 5.

Mangold said the route would be similar to the one approved last year, but with two changes west of Highway 13 on 165th Street and the other is a Level B road off 180th Avenue east to Highway 38.

The board voted to table approving the route until its next meeting to give Anthony Bardgett, Delaware County engineer, the opportunity to check the route with Mangold to see where the route crosses county roads.

The supervisors adopted a resolution to appoint Elise Bergan, of Edgewood, and Donna Boss, of Manchester, as Delaware County commissioners on the Eastern Iowa Regional Housing Authority (EIRHA). The appointments are for one year, but renewable for reappointment.

Geri Buelow, from Helping Services of Northeast Iowa in Dubuque, accepted a proclamation to designate Nov. 15 as the 37th Great American Smoke Out for Delaware County. Buelow told the board that each high school in the county plans recognition of some kind on that day.

During his engineer’s update, Bardgett said that the subcontractor would finish installing guardrails on the Red School House Bridge on Nov. 5, and the road would be opened to traffic when finished. He said that concrete patching on Robinson Road would be completed and all patching operations would be completed by Nov. 6.

Because of the Veteran’s Day holiday on Nov. 11, the courthouse will be closed on Nov. 12. The next regular supervisors meeting will be held Monday, Nov. 19.

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