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CKX Mission AMS Helmet – Have I finally found the perfect helmet for me?

Since the spring of 2019, there has been a lot of talk about the new CKX Mission Helmet. It has been the subject of many questions from snowmobilers and for good reason. The article following the test of a prototype in March 2019 by my colleague, Yves Picard, on Motoneiges.ca (Read… ) was very popular.

I had loved every line of his article and wondered if this helmet would be the definitive solution to the inconvenience of wearing a snowmobile helmet when wearing prescription glasses. So far, some helmets had done better than others, but it was still not perfect. At least not for me.

I waited impatiently for the delivery of my helmet. It was after the holidays, around mid-January 2020, that I was finally able to take my first ride with the CKX Mission AMS. I rode with this helmet for more than a season and I wanted to make sure I had worn it in all possible situations before giving you my impressions.

Helmet CKX Mission AMS - snowmobile

Context of my test

During the whole test period, I always kept the deflector on. I had only adjusted it once just before my first ride. Last year I plugged the helmet in on almost every ride, but this season I didn't plug it in once. I wore this helmet on trail rides and occasionally on forest road rides.

The look of the helmet is very good. Its visor (paddle) gives it a little more sporty look. As soon as I put it on for the first time, I noticed how comfortable it was. The clip-on system is great because it allows you to attach and detach the helmet easily. I appreciate this little detail mainly when you have cold fingers for example.

The field of vision is very good and the visor stays in place when you open or close it. The small tinted glass does the job well and is easy to lower or raise once you get used to the position of the mechanism.

Helmet CKX Mission AMS - snowmobile


The AMS system allows air to flow into the front of the helmet and out the back. This airflow draws moisture from our breath and ejects it outside the helmet. In very cold weather, you can feel the air on your chin. We must then provide a good balaclava to avoid being cold or worse having frostbite. It is the price to pay for the evacuation of moisture. For my part, by wearing a balaclava, I do not feel the inconveniences due to the cold.

Prescription Glasses

I wear prescription glasses and this helmet makes it easy to wear them. Anyone who wears prescription glasses knows the many disadvantages including fogging and icing. The Mission AMS helmet has been a godsend for me! No more of these inconveniences in most situations. 

Helmet CKX Mission AMS - snowmobile

Of course, when my glasses are cold, I can't close the helmet tightly when I get back on the trail after a stop. You have to give the lenses time to warm up a bit. After two to three minutes, when it's done, I can close the helmet completely and my glasses stay clear.

On rare occasions, a bit of fog appears. I stop my snowmobile briefly, quickly wipe the glasses and get back on the road. Everything stays clear afterwards.

After testing many helmets, I must say that this is the best one I ever had. Yes, there are some helmets that did a very good job, but the Mission AMS is, in my opinion, a step above.

In the last few days, I did the ultimate test… At the end of a ride, I stopped my snowmobile and kept the helmet window down. The mercury was about -10C. I sat there for many minutes with the window down, glasses on my face and no fogging on either the window or the glasses. No helmet before had allowed me to do that… None.

Helmet CKX Mission AMS - snowmobile

Small aspects to improve

As nothing is perfect, I noticed few things that could be improved… First, the visor (paddle) comes off too easily when you put it up. There should be a locking system or a screw that would prevent it from coming off so easily.

Another point to improve appeared to me during the second season. Indeed, the velcro strip of the collar loses its adherence with time. So, sometimes, the velcro comes off and lets the air enter at the level of the neck. The Velcro must then be repositioned.  A more effective and better quality velcro would solve this problem.


After testing the CKX Mission AMS helmet, I have to say that it is the best helmet I've had so far. For my needs and use, it exceeded my expectations. So, I have no hesitation in recommending it, mainly, to those who wear prescription glasses.

Have a great end of season everyone!

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