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Manoir Richelieu suited to snowmobilers

On my last day of discovery in Charlevoix, my point of departure was the hotel Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu located in La Malbaie. It is a wonderful place with a large number of rooms. We had an incredible view over the St. Lawrence River from our room. After a nice day of snowmobiling, what could be better than exterior hot tub or massage to relax those aching muscles due to cold.


The hotel is also famous for its gastronomy and wide variety of meals. The food fulfilled my expectations and even more! Also, a large indoor parking is offered to snowmobilers.


Upon arrival, I have been surprised that the receptionists were so aware of the snowmobiling conditions in their region. I congratulated Mr Éric Quesnel, Marketing Manager, for this warm welcome. He told me that his employees receive hours of training about snowmobiling conditions and that the basic rule is to satisfy their clients by giving the right informations. Fans of snowmobiling, do not hesitate to book at the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu for a memorable stay suited to your needs.

Concerning the Casino de Charlevoix, all types of game tables are available for your pleasure. Do not miss the large snowmobilers gathering in Charlevoix from January 27 to 29, 2017. For more details, please visit www.tourisme-charlevoix.com/attraits/grand-rassemblement-des-motoneigistes-dans-charlevoix 

Exciting day

I got up very early in the morning because I was so eager to discover the wilderness where snowmobile trails take us in remote places hardly reachable without snow cover. I was like a child on his first time at the circus. This time, my spouse Joanne Tardif is with me. We are accompanied by Mr Pierre Couturier, owner of Top Location Charlevoix, and by Mr Pascal Leblond, Operations Manager at Club de golf Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu.


We start our ride right at the exit of the hotel. A local trail takes us to provincial trail # 3. Our destination for lunch is the ski resort Mont Grand-Fonds. All the way, we were riding on trail 83, large and well marked. Landscape was fantastic : uninhabited mountains, remote lakes, forest as far as the eye could see. I felt so small in these valleys with impressive cliffs.


Mont à Peine

Our guide, Pierre Couturier, took us on a detour off trail to reach the top of mountains. After few minutes on sinuous trails, we arrive on a cliff, the Mont à Peine, 914 m / 2 800 ft high. From here, we can usually see wonderful relief and majestic landscapes, but that day, the weather was not appropriate for us to enjoy the view. Snowmobilers, if you have the chance to visit Charlevoix, this point of observation is worth the detour.


Mont Grand-Fonds  

After our ascent of the Mont à Peine, we headed for the ski resort Mont Grand-Fonds, to get some rest and enjoy a good lunch with friends. To get there, we took a detour via the regional trail # 378. The magnificience of the scenery made us forget how remote this area is. At the ski resort, we are welcomed by Mrs Josée Gauthier from Tourisme Charlevoix, this tour organizer, by Mrs Hélène Dufour, Sales Manager at Mont Grand-Fonds, and by Mr Christophe Durand, owner of chalets in this sector.


During our meal, Hélène talks about the economic benefits brought by the snowmobiling industry in the sector of Mont Grand-Fonds. Christophe adds that he rents many chalets to snowmobilers in winter.


Back to our point of departure

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end! After a good meal in good company and interesting conversations, we must go back to the hotel. On our way back, we crossed  trail Trans-Québec # 83 that leads to the region of Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean.


View on the Club de golf Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu

For our final destination, our companion Pascal Leblond takes us to the belvedere near the golf clubhouse. Once again, it is worth the detour. It was absolutely breathtaking! From the top, we felt like the river was at our finger tips.


I am a little sad to have to end my adventure. I would need many days more to appreciate all the beautiful region of Charlevoix. Special thanks to both our riding companions. If you wish to discover Charlevoix, contact Pierre Couturier of Top Location Charlevoix, directly located at the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu. He will guide you and rent you a snowmobile on the site. For more details, please click on www.motoneigecharlevoix.com .


A little twinge of sorrow

Without doubt, I discovered one of the most beautiful regions of the Province of Québec with its scarps, its landscapes, its microclimate and the warm welcome of its residents. Furthermore, Charlevoix is famous in the Province of Québec for its gastronomy and quality tourism offers. Statistics say that economic benefits from snowmobiling industry are evaluated at about 15 millions $ per year.

Fans of snowmobiling, take time this winter to plan a few-day trip in this wonderful and welcoming region. Many other circuits are offered, such as the Boucle du fjord and the Boucle du fleuve. For more informations, please visit www.snowmobilecharlevoix.com . Enjoy great rides!

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