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Arctic Cat TZ1 LXR : The comfort redefined

In 2002, Arctic Cat had revolutionized the snowmobile industry by introducing the first machine with a 4-stroke engine.  Nobody was indifferent to the new T660 since this sled was equipped with a 660 cc 4-stroke Suzuki engine and moreover Arctic Cat engineers had created a Touring with incredible comfort for the pilot as well as for the passenger.

In 2007, Arctic Cat offered the brand new Twin Spar chassis and the most recent 4-stroke engine, the 125 hp twin-cylinder Z1.  Among the models equipped with these 2 new components, there was the 2007 Jaguar Z1.  Our team tried this snowmobile on a long-term basis during the 2006-2007 season and everybody was pretty impressed.

Following the successful combination of Twin Spar and Z1 engine, nobody was surprised that the Arctic Cat engineers created the T660 successor by using this platform!  Of course, we were very happy when Arctic Cat asked us to test the new T Z1 LXR within the Motoneiges.ca long-term tests.


To access the T Z1 LXR Long Term Trial section, click here.

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