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Arctic Cat 2020 

Now it’s Arctic Cat’s turn to unveil its 2020 new features. You will notice a change to refocus on its products, introduce new models and prepare for the 2021 innovations. I am sure that you will all be happy to see the new features and improvements. 

Apart from the traditional Bearcat XT with the Fan 565cc engine, the other Bearcat, Pantera and Norseman models are all gone. The new RIOT Crossover hybrid snowmobiles replace the XF line-up. Also, the 6000 C-TECH 2 and 9000 4-stroke turbocharged engine (M 9000 King Cat) are gone from the mountain line-up, and the alpha One rear suspension is now on all mountain snowmobiles with the new updated 8000 C-TECH 2 engine. No change for the Touring Lynx 2000 and Lynx 2000 LT line-up, and Arctic Cat maintains the ZR 120 and ZR 200 ES.

Nouveautés 2020 chez Arctic Cat - motoneiges - motoneigistes

The mountain is only for the M 8000 and its Alpha One rear suspension.

You want to try an M; it will only be with the Alpha One rear suspension, as from now on it will be the only one available on the entire M 8000 mountain line-up now called M Alpha One, M Hardcore Alpha One and M Mountain Cat Alpha One. Arctic Cat believes in its product launched last year on the Mountain Cat!

Nouveautés 2020 chez Arctic Cat - motoneiges - motoneigistes

It over for the 6000 C-TECH 2 engine (updated last year) on mountain snowmobiles, all three models will be offered exclusively with the new generation 8000 C-TECH 2 engine. Arctic Cat reports that the updated engine includes new cylinders, pistons, combustion chamber and a new fuel calibration strategy that provides cleaner, more responsive performance, fuel economy, and increased power. The rumor of a new 850 or 880 engine this year was just a rumor, maybe next year! 

Nouveautés 2020 chez Arctic Cat - motoneiges - motoneigistes

The M will be available in a 154 or 165-inch version with the 15-inch PowerClaw track and 3-inch studs, 35.5 to 37.5-inch adjustable skis, Active Mountain Suspension (AMS) front suspension and a luxury digital instrument panel.

The M Alpha One will be available in charcoal and green, with Arctic Cat IFP 1.5 shock absorbers and a manual starter.

Nouveautés 2020 chez Arctic Cat - motoneiges - motoneigistes

The M Hardcore Alpha One (formerly HCR Hill Climb Racer) will be available in charcoal and green or charcoal and red, with FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3 COIL-OVER shock absorbers (QSL for the rear) and with the electric start option. 


Nouveautés 2020 chez Arctic Cat - motoneiges - motoneigistes

Nouveautés 2020 chez Arctic Cat - motoneiges - motoneigistes

Finally, the M8000 Mountain Cat Alpha One will be offered in Silver Grey (my favorite), with FOX FLOAT 3 QS3 shocks (QSL at the rear) and the electric starter option.

Nouveautés 2020 chez Arctic Cat - motoneiges - motoneigistes

Nouveautés 2020 chez Arctic Cat - motoneiges - motoneigistes

Watch the M Alpha One on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jsv38LPrgR0

RIOT Crossover, is there going to be a riot?

Arctic Cat wants to please hybrid fans with a new model and new features. Like any hybrid, the RIOT is a compromise between the trail ZR and mountain M.

Equipped with new front and rear suspensions, it is available in the RIOT C-TECH 2 6000 or 8000 and RIOT X with the C-TECH 2 8000 engine to reach precisely those snowmobilers. The RIOT 6000 or 8000 is configured for those who have more fun on the trail and the RIOT X for those who have more fun off the trail. All three come in 146-inch X 15-inch lengths with the Ice scratcher. The Cobra track is available with 1.35 or 1.6-inch studs for the RIOT, and the all-new Challenger track is available with 2-inch studs for the RIOT X. 
All three also have a Cross-Action rear suspension with a three-wheeled rear axle. According to Arctic Cat, this rear suspension combines the increased weight transfer of a decoupled rear arm with the optimal absorption of the front arm in curves and bumps. According to Arctic Cat, the result is fun driving quality, with more weight transfer during acceleration, for excellent performance in deep snow, as well as exceptional comfort and traction on large bumps and in all snow conditions. The Cross-Action suspension incorporates the Torque-Sensing Link which provides lower and more constant trail tension and adjustable spring preload. 

Nouveautés 2020 chez Arctic Cat - motoneiges - motoneigistes

The RIOT 6000 or 8000 will be equipped with the new ARS II (Arctic Race Suspension) front suspension, which Arctic Cat says is the result of a new geometry that offers improved handling on the trail. The ARS II front suspension is equipped with a standard stabilizer bar for flatter, more predictable turns on challenging trails. 

Nouveautés 2020 chez Arctic Cat - motoneiges - motoneigistes

Nouveautés 2020 chez Arctic Cat - motoneiges - motoneigistes

Like the M, the RIOT X will be equipped with the already known AMS (Arctic Mountain Suspension).

RIOT models will be equipped with 1.5-inch IFP shock absorbers or FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3 for skis, IFP 1.5 for front and IFP 2.0 inches or FOX 2.0 ZERO QS3 for the rear.

The master cylinder of the brakes system has been redesigned to increase braking power. The steering column will be more vertical on the RIOT X.

The colors will be offered in charcoal and electric blue or hyper green and electric blue.

See Arctic Cat RIOT on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQBeVIu0EJU

The ZR remains on the trails

Of course, Arctic Cat is maintaining its ZR line-up due to its good reputation. The changes made will only improve its trail handling. 

All ZR models will feature the new ARS II (Arctic Race Suspension) front suspension explained before and the return of the SLIDE-ACTION rear suspension. The SLIDE-ACTION suspension also incorporates the Torque-Sensing Link, allowing lower and more constant trail tension, a three-position rear coupling block and adjustable spring preload.

The ZR 9000, Thundercat 4-stroke turbo 1000 cc will still be available, and the rest of the ZR line-up will be available in several subassemblies such as Limited, Sno-Pro, RR, RXC depending on the type of shock absorbers and offered with the 6000 and 8000 engines.

Nouveautés 2020 chez Arctic Cat - motoneiges - motoneigistes

The iACT (interactive Technology Suspension adjustability) suspension unveiled last year returns this year to the ZR 9000 and ZR 6000 and 8000 limited models.

In conclusion

In January 2017, Textron acquired Arctic Cat. Unable to modify the programming of the 2018 models and had a tight schedule for the 2019 models, their strategic planning is now beginning. With the 2020 models, we see technological innovation. 2020 is only a small glimpse of what lies ahead for the future. Brand lovers and lovers of innovation can only be satisfied. I can’t wait until 2021!

Take advantage of Arctic Cat’s exciting new 2020 snowmobiles. Who will be the winner and leader of trail snowmobiles, performance snowmobiles, hybrid snowmobiles, mountain snowmobiles, utility snowmobiles, and youth snowmobiles? The 2020 season has begun, and we look forward to trying the new sleds.

The images are from the Arctic Cat website: https://arcticcat.txtsv.com/snowmobiles


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