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Altrek Pro-Lite 8 X 13: The 4th season begins

This is the beginning of our 4th season of intensive use of the snowmobile aluminium Altrek Pro-Lite 8 X 13 trailer.  We travelled over 12 000 km in various conditions all over the province of Quebec.  During the first years of our tests, we focussed on the use and the road performance of this trailer.  We have not been disappointed.  It is definitely the lightest and most stable covered snowmobile trailer in the industry.  As years go by, we concentrate our tests on its durability, since we drive so many kilometres annually (more than usual) and that this represents many seasons of utilization for most of the trailer buyers.

Even if we prefer this 13 feet covered trailer for our different trial snowmobiles, we do not want any compromise in regards of its road stability and lightness.  Here again you will not be disappointed.  Despite its length, this 620 lbs trailer offers a perfect road stability.  Moreover, we must give an honourable mention to the perfect balance of this trailer, which allows even just one person to handle it.

Besides the design and the top quality aluminium manufacturing of the trailer, we must notice the following features:

  • Titling with guide and security chain allowing the user to block the trailer platform in an inclined position and to prevent non-alignment while titling;
  • Narrow 12 in wheels that reduce the trailer resistance, especially on roads covered with snow;
  • Rear interior light essential at dark;
  • Interior ski guide that helps to load the snowmobiles;
  • First quality fasteners and bars;
  • Very resistant roof cover shock absorber, even in windy conditions;
  • Outstanding road stability that makes you control the trailer with any type of vehicle;
  • Optimum balancing and reduced trailer weight that improve the road stability and make it easy to handle by one person, even when loaded.

Of course, since the beginning of our trials, we meticulously inspected the trailer each fall, mostly the rolling features, the suspension and the tires wear.  Each year, the whole inspection gave a perfect note, as we expected, except for a few items to check along the way:  the hinge bolts that make the roof rise up, tend to be unscrewed.  The danger is that if it is not checked regularly and screwed again when needed, the roof will be out of alignment from the platform.  On long term, this could even get to the point that the metal on which the hinges are fixed, gets a wrong fold (permanent) and then, necessitates an important repair.  You can easily prevent this situation if you check regularly these bolts.  The arms that hold the roof may get a little crooked..  As time goes by, the aluminium junction points may take a wrong angle.  The electric standard fillage ends up broken because of the weather.  As for any quality trailer, the 4 ply fillage comes standard but is not protected from calcium or winter conditions.  Finally, a minor problem has occurred at the end of the first summer: the metal pin that blocks the platform and keeps it from titling, just got stuck to the aluminium rod during the summer.  We must say the hole where this rod gets in is just a little larger than the rod itself.  So, the metal got stuck due to oxidation.  Once again, this may be prevented by just taking off the rod during storage period or by lubricating it adequately.


Besides these minor elements, we are still astonished by the trailer performance, always stable from one year to the other.  You do not need a big truck to haul it; the Pro-Lite 8 X 13 is light, very well balanced and made to last.  For example, the trailer is regularly manipulated by only one man to attach it to the vehicles and this, loaded with 2 snowmobiles!  Moreover, we used a front wheel drive Montana SV6 to haul the trailer, which proves its flexibility.  It is obvious that with all the difficult conditions we encounter on our roads in winter (sand and salt), this trailer once again wins it all and is one of the best ways to protect your machines from our rigorous climate and from our road conditions when your are travelling.





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