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Accessories to be tested this season :CKX Toxic helmet, CKX snow goggles and HMK Hipora gloves from

The choice of helmet is very important for snowmobilers.  We must seek for comfort, heat and safety.  Young snowmobilers prefer the full face helmet or the motocross style.  I am no exception! However, I see many people who buy this type of helmet without caring about staying warm and who gets their face frozen.  I think that comfort and heat are more important than the look or style.  I will show you as the season goes that we can enjo all of these three characteristics.

During the 2011-2012 season, I will have the opportunity to test the CKX TX-218 Toxic helmet.

 I will use it with a balaclava I already own along with a CKX breath deflector.

Of course, I will wear snow goggles over it all !  I will test the CKX YH-01DL snow goggles.

This way, I will keep warm all winter long!

Moreover, I will wear the HMK Hipora gloves.

Thanks to Kimpex’s collaboration, I will have the chance to test these accessories starting during the next days.  Please click on the section «Online Trials» of SledMagazine.com to read my first impressions.



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