We all know that BRP offers snowmobile clothes for each type of snowmobilers, such as mountain, crossover, performance, touring, recreational and utility type of riding. (On SledMagazine.com, you will find this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5pAoFz3THs presenting a video filmed with Mrs Tina Pelkey, from BRP, about their clothes.)

In that context, being a snowmobiler who likes long rides or aggressive riding, BRP offered me 2 outfits in accordance with these types of   riding : the Absolute 0 jacket and highpants and the Absolute Trail suit.

In this article, I will talk about the Absolute 0 clothes. Another article concerns the Absolute Trail clothes and you will find it also on www.SledMagazine.com .

Daniel Sasseville, test pilot, wearing the Absolute 0 jacket and highpants

This suit is made for extreme temperatures and conditions.

Here are the characteristics of the jacket :

  • 100 % seams and logos sealed.
  • Waterproof, breathable and windproof membrane.
  • Underarm venting.
  • Removable liner and hood.
  • Center front quadruple flap with 2 offset zippers.
  • Removable and adjustable collar made of synthetic down to prevent air entry.
  • Shaped sleeves.
  • Powder skirt.
  • Action back pleat.
  • Reflective detailing.
  • Water-resistant zippers at front, pockets and vents.

Shell : Sympatex 2-ply laminated polyester
Insulation : PrimaLoft Gold 

The jacket has 4 outer pockets and 1 inner pocket, and a removable hood easy to take off. Personally, I thought this was convenient because I do not always wear my helmet when I am stopped and it keeps me warm.

Here are the characteristics of the pants :

  • Keeps you dry and warm all day long without being bulky.
  • Light and flexible for increased comfort.
  • Additional insulation at points of contact with the snowmobile for increase warmth.
  • Easy to put on and off.
  • 100 % seams and logos sealed.
  • Waterproof, breathable and windproof membrane.
  • Full-length, 2-way water-resistant side zippers with double flap.
  • Polar fleece-lined seat.
  • Shaped, padded and reinforced knees, and adjustable waist.
  • Reinforced crotch and seat.
  • Storm gaiters.

Shell : Sympatex 2-ply laminated polyester 
Insulation : PrimaLoft Gold

Considering all its characteristics, I was eager to test the suit. 

Some people had told me that it was the warmest and most efficient outfit of the snowmobile industry. Effectively, this suit surpasses all the ones I tested to date. I was used to wear many layers under my suit and I quickly understood that it was not necessary with this kit.

Nothing is more pleasant than to go snowmobiling and to be comfortable, and I assure you that I never got cold this winter.

It is insulated with PrimaLoft Gold, a material made for military use. It is as warm as goose down, it keeps its warmth and it is not affected by moisture. Furthermore, it is soft and compressible and we do not feel inflated.

I noticed that water did not leave any trace on the clothes.

It is also made of Sympatex membrane renowned for its protection against water and wind while being breathable.

All seams and logos are sealed and zippers are water-resistant.

The front of the jacket has a center quadruple flap with 2 offset zippers ; so, cold, wind and moisture cannot intrude.

The center front quadruple flap

The removable collar made of synthetic down protects the neck perfectly.

The removable hood is very useful when you take off your helmet.

Back view of the Absolute 0 kit and the hood

Of course, there is reflective detailing on the jacket and a powder – wind skirt at wrist. 

We can also wear this suit under milder temperatures. We can just lower the inner zipper or take off the removable collar and lining. If we are still too warm, we can open the underarm zippers.

Absolute 0 highpants

These pants are made of the same PrimaLoft Gold insulation and Sympatex membrane.

Suspenders are adjustable and removable. The waist can be adjusted with 2 velcros located on the side of the pants.

Absolute 0 highpants with adjustable waist

Knees are reinforced and padded.

Like the jacket sleeves, knees are shaped for a natural riding position. 

The bib also features a double flap and full-length zipper. 

The storm gaiter is interesting because not only does it totally seal at the ankle but also, it has a hook to tie to your Ski-Doo Tec+ boot, which keeps the gaiter from sliding up.

The storm gaiter and its hook to tie to your Ski-Doo Tec+ boot

Under my suit, most of the time I was only wearing underwear and a sweater. I piloted under extreme temperatures of -25 to  35 °C and I only had to add a fleece top and/or a sleeveless vest liner.

With this suit, we do not need to add many layers and to feel restricted in our movements.

I have been surprised by the lightness and soft touch of this outfit.

Another quality of this suit that I really liked is that it is truly waterproof. Considering the winter conditions we have, it often happens that we ride under wet snow or even rain.

Furthermore, how many times do we ride with moist behind because of the snow on the seat. With this suit, you can forget about that issue. I remember one of my trips this winter, when I had to pilot in heavy rain. When we finally arrived to our hotel, many snowmobilers were totally soaked, not only their snowmobile apparel but also all their inner layers. You can imagine the discomfort they felt. But I was completely dry, water has never infiltrated my clothes and furthermore, the outer shell dried out quickly.

So, as I said above, BRP offers snowmobile apparel for every type of snowmobilers. Those who are looking for a snowmobile outfit that will make their rides more pleasant no matter the temperature, will not be disappointed by the Absolute O products.

Daniel Sasseville, test pilot, wearing the Absolute 0 suit and the Absolute 0 gloves

Snowmobilers who prefer aggressive riding or who are less sensible to cold air and who are looking for a suit with the same characteristics but with an average insulation, could try the Absolute Trail suit and read my article about it on www.SledMagazine.com .

I would strongly recommend to passengers the Absolute 0 suit. As they are less active on the snowmobile, they will appreciate its efficiency.  

I would also like to refer you to my article on www.motoneiges.ca / www.sledmagazine.com about underwear, also called base layer, because this one will definitely influence the efficiency of your snowmobile suit.

Finally, I would like to thank BRP for this opportunity to test this outfit.

Le pilote d’essai Daniel Sasseville assis sur une Grand Touring SE 900 ACE 2017 et portant l’ensemble Absolute 0, les gants Absolute 0 et les bottes Ski-Doo Tec+

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