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A new generation of 4-stroke engines at Ski-Doo

In 2011, BRP introduces a new line of 4-stroke ACE (Advanced Combustion Efficiency) engines.  The first one of this line is the brand new ACE 600.  Indeed, it will be the first 4-stroke mounted on the XP chassis; moreover, it will be available on the Tundra XU chassis.  The new generator will develop an estimated power of 60 HP and will have a 500 km fuel autonomy.

The whole assembly of the 2-cylinder is based on the design called square, which means a 74 mm bore and an almost equivalent 69,7 stroke, with a compression ratio from 12.1 to 1.  On top, 4 valves per cylinder work in harmony with the hydraulic valve lifters activated by the double overhead camshafts.  The ACE system new strategy is based on a part covering process (Coating) Diamond-Like Carbon or DLC.  This process reduces the mechanical friction between the parts in movement, reducing the heat and increasing the engine life time.

The bi-cylinder will be charged by an electronic fuel injection system located in the single 42 mm diameter intake manifold.  A double intake is at the exit right to the muffler, thus optimizing the internal combustion and overriding the american environmental standards of 2012 (Environmental Protection Agency – EPA).

The utility models will be equipped with an additional heat exchanger along with a transmission oil cooler in order to be able to tow heavy loads without being afraid of overheating the engine.  This small 4-stroke will deliver 60 HP at 7 200 RPM while consuming 8 l /100 km.

This power will be transferred by a new clutch used on the ATV Can-Am, the EDrive clucth.  It will be as efficient as the TRA IV and will have a longer life time.  Moreover, the EDrive drive clutch will weight 3,1 lbs less than the TRA IV, which is important to notice.

With this new engine, BRP is directly aiming for the consumers who prioritize their fuel consumption.  At the same time, this market also targets the new fans, thus creating a down market model.  The SledMagazine.com Team is anxious to test this new model and will be happy to give you their observations. 

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