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I’m older than many other SledMagazine.com, Motoneiges.ca team members. Most of them don’t know that. Most days I don’t feel it and refuse to act it. The upside is that I have ridden more different snowmobiles and more miles than most. The down side, I’m definitely more set in my ways and in the equipment preferences and habits that I have developed over my many years of riding throughout the Northeastern US and Quebec.

I’ve tested and reported on Jackets, boots and gloves, but never thought that I would have an interest in using a new helmet / goggle system versus the modern model that has worked extremely well for me over my most recent 25,000 miles. I was skeptical when I was asked to try what I considered to be younger generation 509 stuff.  There is no doubt that 509 has rocketed to become one of the most recognized and promoted brands to come to the snowmobiling market in recent years.  And I admit that I was caught up in a youthful moment when I said “sure I’ll try it”.

I always research the stuff I try and the companies that make the stuff I try. The 509films.com website is really cool and I found it interesting to learn about the evolution of the 509 brand. The 509 brand first came to prominence with their production of extreme snowmobile films. The company’s expansion into the Evolution series helmets came as a direct result of customers indicating that an extreme new helmet system was at the top of their list for desired new snowmobile specific products. With significant consumer input, product goals of safety, quality, fit, function and radical style were established.  509 teamed with a 35 year veteran of the helmet manufacturing industry and the Evolution helmet became reality. To fulfill 509’s superior fit and function goals, the snow specific series of Sinister and Aviator goggles were developed. This combination of helmets matched to the goggles and goggles matched to the helmet is the true magic of the 509 system. And a protection / vision system is just what it is!

  A bugeye fits great on a 509, see our “simple pleasures article”

The 509 products and product combinations offered are staggering with multiple radical graphics packages and colors. I settled on the more subdued graphics of the Argyle Gray helmet. 

The concept of using goggles  was not totally foreign to me. Back in the 80’s my riding chums and I tried many different combinations in our search for better frost and fog free visibility. Goggles with duct tape wind protection were among one of our more successful attempts. The downside in those days of inferior equipment included the duct tape being a difficult process, more than occasional frostbite and significantly reduced side vision. When my 509 package arrived, the gear was of impressive quality with the look of being very well thought out. I went with the Aviator style goggles which offer the widest field of vision and a very unique look.  

My 509 package offered me excellent controlled ventilation without the negative sensation of being in a hurricane. The sealed fit of the goggles within the Evolution helmet opening was exceptional, keeping unwanted air flow completely out. In addition to effectively protecting me from outside air, the goggles plush seal to my face seal kept me fog free in all encountered conditions. I did install the optional 509 Anti fog fan module in my Aviator goggles, but only switched it on to experience it and never for any need for it. The module features an “auto on” humidity sensing feature. In extreme high exertion conditions this inexpensive little gem may be a perfect option to have.   
With the protruded chin design of the evolution helmet, I did experience cold air coming up from the bottom to the area under my chin during colder temperatures. I made several adjustments using balaclavas of different style and materials, but never settled on the ideal solution. My efforts to find the perfect solution will continue.

Function and Fashion

Stylish……Oh yeah!      Functional……definitely!     

The 509 system easily fits better and functions better than any other helmet / goggle combination that you may have experienced before.

 In the mountain elevations where the ability to breath freely is a necessity, I’ll never ride with a face mask, shield type helmet again. It was that much of an improvement and it definitely allowed me to perform better in the mountain environment. 

Would I select my 509 setup for every ride and for extreme low temperature riding? ………. probably not. 

But I’m at a stage of life where having a second helmet that is better suited to particular rides is something that I deserve to have. 

Given a choice, I prefer to look good or at least to look the best I can. Yep I’m a little vain. I don’t see any harm in that and the 509 stuff looks awesome on the trail.

509 From the trails to the mountains

With the 509 on my head, I felt younger insider the helmet than I am outside the helmet.  

Can a really cool helmet make you a better rider? I don’t know, but why risk being less than you can be.
Look more extreme than you are. Treat yourself to a new experience and try a new concept in helmet fit and function. It’s a little ego boost that you can give to yourself each time you put it on.

From radical films to the revolutionary 509 “full carbon fiber” Evolution helmet that weighs in at just 2,400 grams (2.75lbs) to great prices on their line of “Great on the beach” Great on the snow” Polarized sunglasses, 509 has your extreme side covered. Check them out and find a dealer near you at 509films.com. 

I tried the 509 stuff and I’m younger for it.

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