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2017 Renegade Adrenaline 850 E-TEC : mid-season report

After over 3 000 kilometers in my mid-season, I can now share with you my overall impressions about this new snowmobile with Gen4 REV, a tremendous advanced technology in the snowmobile industry.


Positive comments from snowmobilers

During some rides, I let few snowmobilers pilot my machine. Some of them also owned a Ski-Doo snowmobile while others owned a snowmobile from other manufacturers. All of them said that they were impressed by the riding position on the new Gen4 REV platform and by its handiness in sharp bends. And without doubt, they have been impressed by the powerful 850 cc engine of 165 HP.

What pleases me is to get opinions from outsiders that confirm what I discovered during my tests. I know they piloted my machine for only about 15 minutes; it is not like riding over 1 000 kilometers, but it says what we feel instantly before riding high mileage.

Gen4 REV platform and 850 E-TEC engine

This new platform is an extraordinary technological advance for upcoming years at BRP’s. It is sure that for 2018, to build other models on this new chassis will greatly influence the riding and handiness compared with previous platforms. On top of it all, the addition of the new 850 E-TEC engine is also an incredible technological advance in the 2018 Ski-Doo lineup.


Handiness and precision

Without doubt, I can say that it is easier to negotiate trails with this new chassis. It is much more simple to handle and mostly, with a very impressive precision. During a ride on a very sinuous trail, I had one of my riding companions with me and at the end of the ride, he said that he had been impressed by the way this snowmobile can negotiate turns with few effort from the pilot.

Another element to take into consideration is the maneuverability of the narrower platform, which gives a snowmobile we can easily control. The chassis is easy to move sideways without effort and it responses instantly, with few effort from the pilot.

850 E-TEC engine

Snowmobile fans expected a high-tech engine. Personally, what impressed me the most in this engine was the pick-up. We decrease the acceleration and then comes the pick-up. What a great feeling for the pilot. The fuel consumption is quite interesting, if it keeps on this way. In my final report, I will be able to present the exact numbers. For the moment, it is impressive and so is the oil consumption.



At first sight, the new seat seems to be uncomfortable, but this is only an illusion. The new seat is very comfortable even after riding 300 kilometers in a day.


Riding position and gauge 

It is very easy to adjust the pilot’s positionning to reach the controls on the handlebar. Also, the analog speedometer and tachometer along with the LCD screen showing the fuel and temperature are a little farther than on the previous chassis, but still easy to read.


Material assembly and quality

Firstly, the new Ergo-Step side panels offer a natural shape that makes the pilot ride more forward in cornering. Also, the product assembly and quality set them among top quality products offered on the market. The outer finish provides a radiant look and this remains a priority at BRP’s when designing new models each year.

This was a summary of my test so far and I invite you to follow my analysis and my future final report.

La Voix des motoneigistes wishes you a great end of season! 

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