2017 Polaris Switchback Assault : the perfect balance

A very nice surprise from Polaris this year is (finally!) the introduction of the Switchback Assault on the AXYS platform, thereby with the 800 H.O. engine. No need to say that this modification has totally changed the look of this snowmobile, a hybrid machine with more backcountry style.

Firstly, on trail, the snowmobile is much more stable thanks to the AXYS chassis, not only because of the weigth loss, but also because of the more powerful 800 H.O. engine. Please note that the Switchback Assault is also offered with the 600 cc engine.

The 2017 Polaris Switchback Assault
The 2017 Polaris Switchback Assault 

In off-trail riding, the AXYS chassis, the excellent power/weigth ratio of the 800 cc engine, the track of 365,8 cm/144 in (with studs of 3,4 cm/1.35 in or 5,1 cm/2 in) and the new IGX 144 rear suspension will do justice to the off-trail reputation of Polaris.

But the greatest asset of this snowmobile, according to what our team concluded after the Snow Shoot, is how easy the 2017 Polaris Switchback Assault goes from trails to more technical terrain.

Something I extremely appreciate this season is the introduction of the new PowderTrac running boards for much better snow clearance. Snow really piled up on the previous running boards, mostly with the 2014 Polaris 550F Indy Voyager and the 2015 Polaris RMK 144 we had tested.

Hotel Roquement - Motoneige - Snowmobile

It would be interesting to observe the 2017 Polaris Switchback Assault next season. Snowmobilers will probably keep in mind the versatility of this snowmobile.