2016 Renegade Enduro 1200 : Pre-ride analysis

For 2016, Ski-Doo people wanted to offer a snowmobile that, to their opinion, was meant for the eastern canadian market and more precisely, for the Québec market. We had many discussions with the manufacturer and many other models have been considered. So, we had a very intensive round of negotiations that was necessary in order to offer the best trials for our readers. Following these discussions, we all agreed that a long-term trial of the new 2016 Renegade Enduro 1200 would be quite interesting within the long-term trial program of the web magazine SledMagazine.com .


2016 Renegade Enduro 1200

But what is the Enduro ? Which market segment is aimed by Ski-Doo with this new sled ? To find the answers, we must go back in time. Two years ago, BRP announced the end of the GSX lineup production. This model was designed for 1-up Touring fans. A very well-equipped snowmobile that offered a seat, a riding position and a suspension for improved comfort on long rides. At that time, the representatives of the Valcourt manufacturer had told us that sales of this model were really low because Touring fans were choosing among the Renegade lineup. As they wanted a more sporty style, buyers were ready to add many optional equipments that made the snowmobile fully-equipped and yet, with its sporty style.

At Ski-Doo’s, they had understood that even if many snowmobilers were looking for Touring features and comfort, they definitely did not want the traditional and delicate design shown by the GSX. Considering this change in the market needs, Ski-Doo people then designed a snowmobile with all the advantages of a Touring machine, but with a more trendy sporty style. Along with the snowmobilers firstly aimed by the GSX lineup, BRP hopes that a large number of buyers will be satisfied with the upgraded look, equipment and even the new name, that sounds much more sporty. They were even smart enough to remember the more traditional fans by offering two colors, Northern Lichen or Black, that is meant for those looking for a more sporty style. With this in mind, some decals refering to performance have been wisely added and this improves the very successful overall aspect. Of course, the all-black tunnel and its well-balanced decals please me a lot.

509 from head to toe

Main components

With its name inspired from motorcycle endurance racing in Europe, the Renegade Enduro is definitely a snowmobile designed for riders fond of very long rides and important mileage each year. Built on the REV-XS chassis, the same one found on all Renegade models today, our model is equipped with the 1200 4-TEC engine for the first time on this chassis. However, there is a price to pay for this, because this Enduro edition weighs over 550 lb / 249 kg and this could limit its capability in powder snow. In fact, they had to make the lateral panels larger and engineers used this situation to add deflectors to the body and this way, maybe offer to the pilot a better protection against wind.

2016 Renegade Enduro 1200

The Enduro takes advantage of the Ice Ripper track of 137 x 15 x 1,25 in. / 348,7 x 38,1 x 31,8 cm, which should provide much bite due to studs embedded in track lugs. With a rear travel of 16 in. / 48,6 cm, the new edition of the rMotion Air Ride suspension equipped with air shock should upgrade the rMotion. With just a flick of the handlebar rocker switch, you adjust the rear air spring to get the snowmobile comfort in accordance with changing conditions of trails and this, even on the fly. The RAS 2 front suspension, introduced last year, improves the handling of the previous generation. This front suspension is mounted on HPG Plus shocks, which is surprising considering the rear suspension. We can see here that BRP intended to keep a sporty type of riding even with a comfortable rear suspension.

Another important improvement of the vehicle control is without doubt the adjustable Pilot TS skis. This new innovative design is made of a carbide runner mounted on a manual adjustment system of the runner profile. In other words, with the adjustment knob easy to operate located on each ski leg, the pilot can in a few seconds set the runner height for more or less ski bite. Everyone agrees that this innovation improves our snowmobile sport. We are going to check out its efficiency in real conditions.


As mentioned earlier, BRP engineers have succeeded to insert the robust 4-stroke 1200 4-TEC engine into the XS chassis. Unless they had already decided to insert all BRP motorizations right from the designing of the XS chassis ? One thing is sure, it allows BRP to reduce the number of platforms, because the XR chassis was rather aging, like the XP had been. How will the REV-XS perform with this big motorization ? It will be one of the main elements of our tests this season. Developing about 130 HP, we know the qualities of this engine in matter of performance, fuel consumption and maintenance.

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2016 Renegade Enduro 1200

But for 2016, there is an innovation that we saw coming, the iTC electronic engine supply management. Introduced on the 900 ACE engine during the last years, this technology replaces the wire by a simple electronic signal coming from the throttle. Also, as the air/fuel mix is totally electronically controlled, it allows a choice of 3 mapping modes : the ECO mode, the Standard mode and the Sport mode to benefit fully from the powerful 1200 cc. Of course, the fuel consumption and fumes are directly related to your choice of mode… just like the overall performance of the engine.

Other standard features

In order to satisfy snowmobilers who appreciate longer rides, BRP went all the way with standard features to offer a fully-equipped vehicle right on purchase. Of course, there is the mechanical reverse, but there is also the electronic reverse. They offer a very interesting element to avoid thumb fatigue during long rides :  the reversible throttle lever (thumb or finger activated). We have standard backlit electronic controls and multifunction gauge with LCD screen.

2016 Renegade Enduro 1200

The REV-XP X seat is really good looking with the name Enduro embroided on it. It should make our Renegade much more comfortable. The 12V power outlet is standard, just like the D.E.S.S. key system with additional Learning Key that limits the acceleration speed and top speed of the machine. Another highlight of the Renegade overall aspect is the standard XC front bumper that we see more than ever as an optional accessory on other vehicles like the Summit models. It shows that Ski-Doo wants to offer a crossover snowmobile that can do it all, including occasional off-trail adventures.

Optional accessories

BRP representatives did not want to forget anything for our trial. They decided that we were going to live the best riding experience with the Enduro. Along with the numerous standard equipments, our trial model comes with many BRP genuine accessories. The proven LinQ cargo system had to be part of our tests. Along with the LinQ jerry can of 11 liters, we have the LinQ tunnel bag of 22 liters. In addition to this storage, they offered the tank bag of 5 liters, with clear map pocket.

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2016 Renegade Enduro 1200

Many of you, of course, do not want a Grand Touring, but sometimes, want to enjoy comfortable 2-up rides. With the suspension of the Enduro, it was just logical to test the optional 2-up seat with removable backrest and we are going to run this test. Finally, for the second season, we will test the new auxiliary LED lights.


So, we are looking for a 2016 season full of innovations for our long-term trial of the new Renegade Enduro 1200. A snowmobile that should make people talk in relays all over the Province of Québec, and with good reason. A vehicle equipped with the latest technologies, with lots of standard equipments, made obviously for the Québec market. Many questions are yet to be answered. How will the XS chassis perform with the powerful 1200 cc ? Despite a track of 137 in./348,7 cm, will this Renegade offer good off-trail performance ? How will this new sled perform on trails ? Many questions for which answers must be found on snow, not in a showroom.