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2009 SnowTracker and 2010 prototype trials

With the manufacturer’s contribution, we tested the new SnowTracker correctors during last season.  First we used the 2009 ones, then we tested the prototype of the same fitment for the 2010 models.

We tested them on two of our trial sleds, the long term trial Yamaha and on our Polaris IQ Turbo Touring.  In both cases, the results are conclusive.


We appreciated the SnowTrackers with the Yamaha on a ride of many days, with deep snow conditions up to iced surfaces on lakes.  Also on many one day rides with the Polaris.
Jacques Turgeon and I both share the same impressions about the driving:  very performing and easy to drive.  The SnowTrackers ask no effort from the pilot, even when double riding.  On the contrary, by eliminating the darting and thus making the machine steadier, they help the snowmobilers to arrive less tensed.
When going from a machine not equipped with the SnowTrackers to one equipped with it, the most common commentary is that you can ride the machine at fingertips.  The only situation asking a special effort, if snow is a little deep, is when you turn the handle while the sled is stopped.

When we looked at the front profile of the correctors and the carbide runners, we were a little scared to cross obstacles with sharp edges.  No justified apprehensions, even on raised railroad; not one misconduct.  The SnowTrackers performed well in every situation.

Even if they stop the darting, we also appreciate the new SnowTrackers because they eliminate the underturn in almost all conditions.  When riding many days with colleagues who were riding without the SnowTrackers, I can assure you that I was a lot less tired than they were at arrival.  Thus, the SnowTrackers mostly contribute to make the riding more accurate and safer. We also made the same observations on a one day trip when we were riding alternatively the Polaris equipped with the new SnowTrackers.

Even if we cannot base it on actual data, we think that the SnowTrackers help to reduce the fuel consumption by diminishing the resistance of the skis since they no longer go deep in the snow.  The manufacturer indicates a lifetime of about 6 250 miles.

This is an excellent product that gives more comfort, more riding precision and also more safety on trail.  We have been able to appreciate that the version offered next year is even more efficient.


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