CKX Evolution Muk Lite Boot

by : Vincent Bourque-Veilleux
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Publish on : 2017-04-19

My feet remained warm all winter long thanks to the CKX Evolution Muk Lite boot. Even if it looks like your usual boot, it offers many advantages and top-quality materials that make quite a difference. Just imagine a boot that offers comfort up to -85 °C and that weighs only 1 kg!


What makes this boot different is its bottom made of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate). This material is very light, it remains extra-supple even in extreme cold and it provides a barrier against cold all while insulating the boot.


In matter of insulation, the removable liner is made of Primaloft 400gr (one of the best insulation on the market), which provides comfort up to -85 °C (-118 °F). This liner, combined with the EVA bottom, brings good support and incredible comfort to your foot. At the end of a long day, you can remove the liner to evacuate moisture, if any.


Since the EVA material is supple, then less resistant to wear, the sole has been reinforced with rubber for a longer lifetime. Thus, we get more resistance against the running boards that are often aggressive on actual snowmobiles.

You adjust the boot to your ankle with the front lacing. With the top draw cord, warmth is kept inside and the boot holds on to your foot.

This season, I adored these boots that always kept my feet warm no matter the temperature. They are so light that we almost forget about them. Also, they hold on tight to our feet thanks to the adjustments and mostly, they are incredibly comfortable.

The only restriction would be that this is not a boot made for off-trail riding in regards of the ankle support and the hard bottom. In fact, CKX also offers the X-Track boot, made for mountain snowmobilers. You must understand that this is not a defect; it is important to choose the proper boot according to the intended use.


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