Review:  the Altitude 509 helmet !

This is an element recommended by off-trail enthusiasts in Quebec.

First of all, from the moment I took it in hand, just like my colleagues at the magazine who tested the product, I was impressed by its weight. So much, that I wondered if it wasn’t made of Carbon.  Weighing 1250 grams (validated on a scale), the helmet is designed to be robust and meet the needs of off-roading; to provide freedom of movement and to be ultra well ventilated. However, I must admit that it is better to wear two different types of hoods if you use it. As an example, I wear a neoprene hood covering part of the face (including the nose) when going to powder sites or early in the morning. When I’m expending energy and when we hardly exceed 40km/h, I recommend a thinner hood “open face” type. I’ve tried the helmet at temperatures of -20°C on trails and I must admit that it is not a helmet for trail. However, when wearing the 509 Ignite goggles, the Altitude does the job! With the Ignite goggles, the field of vision is wide and still fits quite well. I mention “fairly well” because I found that there was a slight air infiltration in some areas of the contour of the goggle when using it on trails. However, this is not noticeable in off-trail situations.  The eyes remain protected from wind and cold.

I also tested the heated Ignite goggles that I recommend because in less than a minute the frost disappears and they are very useful at the end of the day. The weight of these glasses is only 150 grams more than the standard Ignite (130 grams) and is a happy compromise to not have a bulky wire connected to the machine. The lithium battery contains the energy needed for a weekend of use without being recharged.

Once in action, the Altitude helmet provides a sense of confidence and freedom because it fits properly on the head. It stays securely in place and remains comfortable and stable for hours. I have seen many snowmobilers use it with the ¨Neck Brace¨ sign that the flexibility and ergonomics of the Altitude is one of the key elements of the riders. It is one of the best ventilated helmets on the market and the removable add-on elements such as the chin guard and nose guard are easy to put in place. I would have liked to see a version with a versatile chin guard in the Altitude series. Although less resistant to impacts, a modular chin guard is still useful during frequent stops to ventilate and catch your breath. That said, the internal fabrics of the 509 helmet are of high quality and designed to tolerate humidity levels in all conditions.

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I invite you to visit their website to discover the diversity of products offered by the company!  I confirm that the Altitude 509 helmet passes the APPROVED COLLECTION standards!