In the early 1970s, when I started snowmobiling, I wore a monosuit that my mother made me. Kimpex has given me the opportunity, 50 years later, to wear one again, the CKX Yukon.


My sister and I in 1970

First of all, it must be said that the materials are no longer the same. This monosuit is a half/half, i.e. it is designed for the snowmobiler who practices their sport both on and off-trail. Even before putting on the monosuit, I notice its lightness. The zippers under the arms, on the sides and between the legs are there to ventilate the heat when off-trail riding.

On the inside of the monosuit are adjustable and removable straps to keep the whole thing in place. As soon as I put on the one-piece, I immediately perceive this freedom of movement and comfort. But beware … this one-piece is not designed to go on a trail under -15 Celsius. Having tested it, I can tell you that in the fields, at 70 km/hour, I felt cool air seep in so you will need a good underlayer.

For the monosuit’s specs, I invite you to check out the Kimpex catalog. You will find all the information there. If you go off-trail and on-trail, the Yukon is the monosuit for you. I would like to thank Kimpex for allowing me to do this test, and I invite you to continue to follow us on






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