Most recent news

  • New bridge Ontario-Québec
  • Arctic Cat acquired by Textron
  • Businesses look forward to snowier snowmobile season
  • Hikers, bikers, snowmobilers urged to be prepared on backcountry trips
  • 33rd Annual North American Snow Festival in Cadillac
  • Arctic Cat supports Canadian snowmobiling with free trail pass
  • If you're planning to ride in Quebec, it's time to buy your trail permit and save $70

Most recent articles

  • Testing the Top Gold dual-carbide runners from Qualipièces
  • Snowmobiling in New Brunswick
  • My 2018 Snow Shoot experience
  • Testing the iGrip ST22R studs
  • Eastern Townships visiting New Brunswick
  • Hugo Lorquet’s 2018 Snow Shoot experience
  • CKX Evolution Muk Lite Boot

Most recent club and trail news

  • Perseverance in Eastern Townships that pays off
  • New trail connecting Québec to New Brunswick
  • Snowmobile trails signage – the importance of volunteers
  • Opening of the Relais du Trappeur
  • Pourvoirie Wapishish
  • Snowmobile Tour in New Brunswick
  • Snowmobile trail groomer GODS !

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