Testing the iGrip ST22R studs

by : Dominic Clermont
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Publish on : 2017-04-25

This winter, I had the chance to test the iGrip screw studs. Here is my report.

When I received the package, I thought right away that it would take me many hours to install the studs. I was wrong. It is very simple to use the tool included with the package. We attach it to a cordless drill and that’s it.

Personally, what took me longer is not the installation of the studs. It took me long to find the proper places to screw them in the track, which is then easy to achieve by holding them straight. I finished the installation in less than two hours.

For my test, the studs were 22 mm long. Their main characteristic is the sharp tip, so they are more aggressive for a sporty type of riding.

On the beginning of the season, I rode a few times without the studs, simply because I wanted to compare my riding with and without studs.

I noticed the difference right on my first ride with the studs. At home, I must go reverse to take out my snowmobile. I immediately saw that there was much less skidding and that the machine did not sink as much while going backwards. In fact, I used to remain in place on icy surface and I had to lift and move my snowmobile to get out, which I do not have to do anymore.

When I got on trails, I noticed that I could brake much quicker, on icy surface or not, and I was not skidding as much as before. Also, the snowmobile remains straight even when braking strongly instead of skidding sideways. Steering is then much more stable and predictable.

At road crossings, it happened a few times in the past that I was remaining in place or that I could not start at the speed I wanted, mostly when a vehicle was coming in my direction. Now, I feel much safer at road crossings, mostly when I have to start uphill on icy trail.

I thought that the tip of the studs would wear out much more since they are very sharp. I rode over 3 000 kilometers with my snowmobile this year and the studs seem still in perfect condition. So, I think that they are good for many years of usage.

I also have the feeling that the snowmobile is more efficient as it does not slide on icy trails. Furthermore, it is more pleasant to pilot it in such conditions, mostly because I can brake and restart much more rapidly on each entrance and exit of turns and I can ride uphill smoothly.

I also thought that I would hear the noise of studs on ice or that the machine would not be stable. On the contrary, use of studs does not cause any of this.

To conclude, this iGrip product is excellent and I really appreciated these studs. I will reuse them in the future. I strongly recommend this product if you are looking for an easy affordable solution to install studs on a snowmobile or any other type of motorized vehicle not equipped with studs.

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