Testing the Next 2 Skin underwears by Motorfist

by : Jean-François Leclerc
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Publish on : 2017-04-14

During the last years, technologies used to make snowmobile apparel have known quite an advance. Jackets, boots, gloves or underwears, their quality and performance are essential to let snowmobilers take full advantage of their rides on snow. As you know, there are many snowmobile underwears on the market, specially designed for optimal performance in accordance with your style of riding. Motorfist offers to snowmobilers a wide range of products. During the 2017 season, I had the chance to put to the test the Next 2 Skin underwears by Motorfist. Now, I am very pleased to share with you my comments.


Next 2 Skin Shirt

All season long, I have been wearing the Next 2 Skin underwears as primary or secondary layer during my rides. Of course, the number of layers depended on the outdoor temperature during my rides. These underwears offer an excellent level of warmth and let perspiration evacuate. I never felt uncomfortable or wet. The Bi-Wick fabric is soft, mostly inside, and it increases our comfort. It is a little expandable, but with rather athletic fit. Seams are very solid. These underwears are also very nice, with the addition of the Motorfist logo at front.


Next 2 Skin Shirt (rear view)

I really appreciated the comfort, the performance and the warmth level offered by the Next 2 Skin underwears, no matter the temperature outside. The adjustment and the fabric let us move easily. They are also designed to be very robust and resistant. So, you will be able to take advantage of their full performance during many seasons. If you are looking for high-quality snowmobile underwears, I suggest that you consider the Next 2 Skin underwears by Motorfist for your next purchase.


Next 2 Skin Pant

For more details about the Next 2 Skin underwears and other products made by Motorfist, I invite you to click on www.ca.motorfist.com or to visit a Motorfist retailer in your region. I would also like to thank Motorfist for letting me test these underwears all season long.


Jean-François Leclerc, test pilot for SledMagazine.com

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