Modular Tunnel Bag Extension

by : Daniel Sasseville
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Publish on : 2017-03-17

Snowmobilers who like touring appreciate good storage and BRP offers many storage bags. One of these is the Modular tunnel bag extension for Touring models.

It is specially designed for REV-XR GTX and Grand Touring, REV-XS Grand Touring models.

Besides its large storage capacity (38 liters), it has the great characteristic to offer many installation configurations. No matter the configuration, the bag is securely fixed to the snowmobile.

Modular tunnel bag extension without the passenger seat

Here are the available configurations :  

1) With a fuel caddy, you take off the passenger seat (which can be done very easily and quickly) and you install the modular bag instead.


2) With the semi-rigid bag, you remove the passenger seat and once again, you place the modular bag instead. This configuration will provide a storage capacity of 69,1 liters.


3) With the semi-rigid bag, if you do not remove the passenger seat, you fix it to the backrest.


My observations :

This winter, I had the semi-rigid bag and the modular tunnel bag extension. I appreciated all the possibilities of configuration.

Both bags are joined together to be virtually one.

The modular tunnel extension bag fixed to the semi-rigid bag to be only one

It can also be installed together like a backpack.

The modular tunnel extension bag in a backpack configuration

Effectively, they are easy to install and to remove, and very stable on the snowmobile. My various objects and clothes never got wet.  

If your snowmobile can receive this storage bag, you will really like it.

The modular tunnel extension bag on a 2017 BRP Grand Touring SE 900 ACE 


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