CKX Tranz 1.5 Helmet distributed by Kimpex

by : Claude Gaboury
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Publish on : 2017-02-14

Since I started my snowmobiling career, I have always used the same helmet than the one I use on my motorcycle.

This is mostly due to a personal issue; I have hard time to get used to the comfort of this safety equipment that is mandatory to practice both recreational motorized sports.

When manufacturers of balaclavas specially designed for snowmobiling improved their effectiveness and comfort, I chose a modular helmet. As these balaclavas are thin, they do not affect the helmet comfort.

The modular helmet system for motorcycle as well as for snowmobile brings many advantages that are really great and this issue would make an interesting article.

Also, using one single helmet that meets my personal comfort requirements, allows me to increase my budget to buy a top quality helmet! 

Despite my biker and snowmobiler experience, it happens sometimes that I meet people who, logically, make me change my mind!

In fall 2016, when visiting a snowmobile show, I met Pierre, one of the representatives at the Kimpex stand. He presented a point of view that was logical enough to make me change my mind about using a single helmet for all seasons and for both motorized sports. 

Here is a summary of Pierre’s words :

“Any helmet must firstly bring proper safety to the practice of these recreational motorized sports. It is mandatory for manufacturers of motorcycle and snowmobile helmets to comply with DOT standard.”

“However, to go snowmobiling in winter, your all-season helmet is not effective to provide full protection against cold and to prevent the visor from fogging up!”

“A helmet designed for snowmobiling offers specific characteristics. Its design is directly related to the maximal comfort on snowmobile!”

“Also, the design of a helmet made for motorcycle takes into consideration the specific surroundings of this motorized sport. The helmet is specially built for this use.”

And Pierre continued :

“For about the same budget, the CKX Tranz 1.5 helmet, continuously improved, is offered at a fair price and provides an outstanding comfort to snowmobilers.”

“For the remaining budget, in spring you will find among CKX models the helmet that will meet your requirements in order to get the optimal comfort on motorcycle.”

I must say that my current all-season helmet does not meet the safety standard anymore because I have been using it for the last 6 years!

By the way, I published an article on this matter along with a video clip on  . 

I came recently into possession of a CKX Tranz 1.5 helmet and I used it during my latest snowmobile rides!

Pierre is right. This helmet is lighter and moreover, I feel comfortable.

I must get used to breathe between the nose deflector and the chin guard.

My respiratory function requires lots of oxygen! So, wearing a deflector and a chin guard is hard for me, I need air… I need lots of oxygen, really lots of it!

So much that in extreme cold, I must open the front vent to increase oxygen circulation for my comfort level!

I am a big user of oxygen!

For snowmobilers with usual need of oxygen, this deflector and chin guard system should be very effective and even comfortable.

I have never been able to get used to these accessories on my old helmet, so I had them removed. I think that if I keep trying, I should get comfortable.

The CKX Tranz 1.5 is hermetic and silent! Turbulences are less noticeable.

I continue my adaptation to the CKX Tranz 1.5 helmet and I will report to you later.


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