2017 Polaris Accessory Highlight

by : Greg Gilbert
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Publish on : 2016-11-24

I’m nothing if not predictable. If you have read most any of my articles or sled reviews you probably have the idea that I’m all about efficient ways to carry things. Things I need on every trip, things I may only occasionally need and things that I hope you or I will never need. 

I like well planned well placed storage accessories that are durable and thoughtfully integrated into a sleds design. On longer hybrid or mountain snowmobiles, I really like storage systems that are flexible and can be used for multiple purposes. 

I feel more confident when I know that I’m riding with stuff that will keep me more comfortable, more repair capable and safer in the event of a challenging or survival situation.  I assume that I am not alone in the desire to travel with items that will help me and help me to be in a position to help others.  It’s the Snowmobiler code to offer assistance to others and it only makes good sense to carry things that could be a source of assistance.

The aluminum 144" Cargo Rack is the perfect rack for Polaris’ new line of AXYS 144” sleds.  It’s durable, lightweight and designed to secure three levels of cargo heights with multiple tie down locations. It attaches easily, securely and can be used in conjunction with the included Underseat bag that comes with the 2017 AXYS 144” sleds. The rack can be used alone to carry larger irregular items or with the available cargo bag. The Aluminum 144” Cargo Rack is Polaris PN 2881940 $149.99 USD


You can add to the function and capability of the rack with the 144" Cargo bag which is as versatile as the rack it fits into. This bag comes with a smaller separately accessed compartment in the front for smaller items or items that need increased protection. The bag’s larger main compartment has plenty of room for most everything else you may want or need. A compression molded lid helps to keep things dry by keeping snow and moisture from sitting on top of the bag.  The 144” Cargo Bag, Polaris PN 2881968 $139.99 USD


The 144” Cargo Rack and Cargo Bag are a combination that are tough and tough to beat.


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