Is it a technology or an accessory? You decide.

by : Greg Gilbert
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Publish on : 2016-11-08

I think it’s both and here’s why. It is a well thought out, very effective technology that’s resulted in an awesome new accessory on and for the 2017 144” liquid cooled Polaris’. 

This technology / accessory is Polaris’ 2017 PowderTrac™ Hybrid Running Boards.

The all new Hybrid running boards are specific to this year’s 600/800 Assaults, 600 Switchback SP, 600 RMK and 600 Voyageur. 

Their design and function was inspired by the PowderTrac design that is found on the AXYS Pro RMK models.  However the hybrid version of the PowderTrac running boards offer an optimized design that is 56% open space for maximum snow evacuation while maintaining extreme strength. 

Designed specifically for the 144” crossover sleds, these boards give riders a wider and flatter profile in the front for greater comfort while sitting and better stability and balance when standing. They are made from extruded aluminum, are easily replaced if damaged and have a excellent traction surface for a sure footed ride everywhere. The Hybrid PowderTracs angle up in the rear, giving the 2017 144” AXYS sleds more clearance and maneuverability in deep snow conditions. 

These high performing running boards are also offered under the name Extreme Running Board 144 ($329,99US) in Polaris’ accessory catalog and are available in accenting colors of White, Red, Black, Blue, Orange and Lime Squeeze.

The Hybrid PowderTrac / Extreme 144 running boards from Polaris are both an effective design technology that’s included as well as an awesome new customization accessory. 


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