Polaris 2017: An impressive new accessory

by : Greg Gilbert
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Publish on : 2016-10-26

When redesigned snowmobile models come to market, new accessories often come along for the ride. This year Polaris introduces a new storage bag that is much more than meets the eye. 

It caught and deserves our attention for 3 reasons.  #1 it’s included, #2 its impressive concealed capacity and #3 its incredible fit. 

It’s the AXYS 144” Underseat Bag and it’s standard issue on the new 600 and 800 AXYS Assaults as well as the budget friendly AXYS Switchback SP, 600 RMK 144 and 600 Voyageur 144. 
This AXYS 144” model specific storage accessory is semi-rigid with compression molded and polyester construction. It securely attaches to the sled and offers storage well beyond the portion of the bag that is visible. 


Yep, it’s elbow deep in there!
Yep, it’s elbow deep in there!

The AXYS Assaults and Switchback SP use the same gas tank as the AXYS Pro S and Pro X sleds which feature the Pro-XC suspensions with external rear shock. The shape of this tank, when used with the internal shock design of the 144” IGX suspension leaves the perfect empty space for deep and invisible storage. 

The 144” Underseat bag takes full advantage of this space and offers an impressive 1024 cubic inches of available storage. And there is more good news; the bag has the weather tight and secure design of using both zippered and Velcro enclosure that is covered by a buckle down flap.

You can carry lots of stuff and be confident that it will all be with you when you arrive at your final destination. 


As far as fit and finish, this bag matches the design lines of the AXYS performance seat perfectly and is unassuming as to its hidden storage capability. Sleek and slick, it’s the 144” Underseat bag from Polaris for 2017. 


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