“Where is This?” Facebook Contest

In 2013, on NBFSC’s Facebook page (link from our website and “Like”), we began a new contest for the followers of the NBFSC. In short, “Where is This?” is simply a photograph recognition contest and we are pleased to continue it for 2015. 

The photographs for our contest come from a number of sources as the NBFSC hosts a number of Rides each season; the annual President’s Ride for all the Club Presidents and Past Presidents of the NBFSC, a “Go Snowmobiling Ride” often with the Premier however sometimes with Government departments, Corporate Partners and/or special guests. Every season the NBFSC also organizes and coordinates for Tourism a number of Media Rides. Additional photographs come from our partnerships with OSM, Sledworthy and Sledmagazine.com.

An example of a photo from the 2013 contest is as follows; 

Correct answer is Zone 2, NBFSC Local Trail #236, at top of Squaw Cap Mountain, west of Campbellton.

For 2015 we will post a photograph each week on ourFace book page. The photograph could be from any of the NBFSC club’s eight (8) Zones, could be a NBFSC Provincial Trail #, (blue on the maps), or NBFSC 
Local Trail # (green on the maps). 

The pictures could be of just last season, 2013, ormay be of a different season; however we will only use photographs from existing NBFSC trails. (It is fun to look at some of the older photographs which you can tell quite quickly by the ever-changing snowmobile models from the four manufacturers). 

Contest winners must identify the NBFSC Trail #, (two digit or three digit), the NBFSC Zone # (1-8) and the generic location of the photo, i.e., in Fundy National Park , or just west of Campbellton. The first correct and complete reply wins the contest for that week. Winners will be announced to everyone via Facebook before we post the next photograph. 

Thus new photos will be posted every Monday and the “Where is This?” week’s winner will be announced as soon as the picture is correctly identified! Winners will be sent a NBFSC Prize packin season. The prize pack contains; 

  • An NBFSC Cap 
  • An NBFSC Travel Mug 
  • An NBFSC notepad & pen set 
  • An NBFSC Mousepad 
  • A full set of NBFSC maps & stickers 
  • Safety literature 

Thank you for playing and participating. 

Source : NBFSC
Date : 2015-03-04

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