Upper Laurentians Media Ride January 24 to January 26, 2009 (Part 1)

by : Dominique Maheu
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Publish on : 2009-11-23

During a media ride of 3 days organized by the CLD Antoine-Labelle, the SledMagazine.com Team discovered many inns, relais, outfitters and other Upper Laurentians attractions.  This article is the first of three on this wonderful region.

We have been welcomed with warmth before diner at Chez Ignace Inn, in Nominingue (www.ignace.qc.ca).  The inn is located right on trail # 63, «le Petit Train du Nord».  We had the opportunity to eat an excellent meal and to talk with the different resources of the snowmobile environment in the Upper Laurentian region who were present for the event.

After a goodnight sleep, we started our discovery ride of this beautiful region.  Mrs Manon Côté, from the CLD Antoine-Labelle, will accompany us during the 3 days and Mr Steve Aubin, president of the Piteman Club of Ste-Anne-du-Lac, will be our guide.  All along our tour, different representatives of the local clubs will join our group on the trails.

First, we go over the Kiamika Reservoir dam, climb to the top of the Cross Mountain at Chute St-Philippe, from where we have a breathtaking sight of the valley; then we have a well-deserved pause at the restaurant Au Diable Vert, in Ferme Neuve, easily accessible by snowmobile trails.  We notice that most of the municipalities in the Upper Laurentian region allow the snowmobiles to ride on the street sides.

Then, we are expected for diner at the restaurant La Cage aux Sports / Comfort Inn in Mont-Laurier (www.comfortinn-ml.ca), also easily accessible from the snowmobile trail that brings us right downtown.  There you will also find the largest snowmobile rental of the region, that is the Constantineau BRP dealer (www.fconstantineau.com).

Time goes fast in good company and it is at sunset that we arrive at the top of the famous Montagne du Diable.  At an altitude of 800 m, this mountain gives an incredible view of the region.  A resto-bar relais has been built here and welcomes the snowmobilers in a ski-lodge type of environment.

It is with some sadness that we must drive down and reach the Village Windigo resort (www.lewindigo.com) located on the Baskatong Reservoir shores.  However, once arrived, we really discover what wild beauty means, awesome luxury and gastronomy.  It will be our home port to end this very nice day spent on wide and very well maintained trails.

You are invited to wait till next week to discover the second day of our ride.

Have a good week!

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